Shipley was founded in 1894 by three sisters, 汉娜, 伊丽莎白, 和凯瑟琳·希普利, to prepare students for Bryn Mawr College. 皮普的, strong-minded and well-educated Quaker ladies, 她坚信女性教育这一当时颇受争议的理念. Their establishment was to be far more than a finishing school. 1894年秋天, when the School opened with six students and nine faculty members, 一种教育哲学得以确立,并将指导学校长达100多年, 直到现在.

在他们的第一个目录中, 希普利姐妹表示,“她们的目标是使[学生]进入大学时,具备科学学习的头脑和合格的性格。, 尽可能地, to receive the highest culture.” That mission, rephrased for successive generations, has remained. We have always taught critical thinking. The School was and is concerned with character development.

By 1950 the School was enrolling some 340 students, one third of whom were in Pre-School through Grade Seven. 一半的高年级学生是来自全国各地的寄宿生, 以及欧洲, 亚洲, 和拉丁美洲. 希普利学院的毕业生去布林茅尔学院以外的其他传统女子学院和男女同校的学校.

在过去的几年里, 学校增加了土地, 建筑, 运动场, 科学实验室, 体育馆, 和一个剧院. 但自1894年以来,1950年目录中所表达的目标并没有太大改变:“每个女孩的发展都是有用的, 有趣的, 快乐, and increasingly mature person is considered of first importance. 在各个方面都鼓励求知欲和个人责任感.”

In the 1970s and ’80s Shipley underwent two dramatic changes. It started accepting boys and it closed the boarding department. 最后一批寄宿制学生在1982年毕业,到1984年,学院完全实现男女同校, with equal numbers of boys and girls. 随着时间的推移,我们的传统教学方法和设施与不断增长的技术专业知识, 工具, 以及希普利三姐妹做梦也想不到的设施.

已经有一百多年了, 希普利和它的使命做出了改变,以适应一个在1894年不可预见的世界. 我们一直都知道,我们的学生需要具备应对不断挑战和变化的能力. 为他们的未来做好准备一直是并继续是我们的任务.
10月3日, 1894:汉娜, 伊丽莎白, 凯瑟琳·希普利带着他们的第一个学生准备布林茅尔大学入学考试. The School begins with six students and nine faculty.
1895: Main School Building is purchased.
1932年:希普利作为一个非盈利机构成立,第一个董事会收购了学校, its 建筑 and property from the "Hownells."
1937: Townsend House is purchased.
1940: Brownell House is purchased.
1941年:米尔德丽德和J. Russell Lynes become heads of Shipley.
1943: Shipley Alumnae Association is founded.
1944: Margaret Bailey Speer becomes head of Shipley. 格拉德温农场和运动场是由"豪尼尔斯"签署的契约."
1945: Howland House is purchased. Augusta Wagner comes to Shipley as Associate Headmistress.
1952: Addition to the Main School Building is completed.
1956: Beechwood House is purchased for grades 1-3.
1959: Wagner House and 919 Montgomery Avenue are purchased.
1961: 841 Montgomery Avenue, the Head of School's house, is purchased.
1964: Middle House is dedicated for grades 4-7.
1965: Isota Tucker Epes '36 becomes head of Shipley. Margaret Bailey Speer Library and Classroom Wing are dedicated.
1966: Fuller property is purchased. 新校舍落成.
1967: 皮普学校 Endowment Fund is established with $9,000.
1972: First boys are admitted to Shipley, in grades K-3. First males graduate from Shipley (four one-year seniors from Episcopal). 南希·E. 到来就头.
1977: Yarnall Gymnasium is dedicated.
1978: Riely Theatre is dedicated.
1979: Frederic L Chase III assumes headship.
1981: Squash courts are dedicated.
1982: Last boarding student graduates from Shipley.
1985:加里·R. Gruber becomes Head of School.
1992: Steve Piltch becomes Head of School. Yarnall Gymnasium is rededicated in memory of Hester Yarnall.
1993: West Middle School opens for grades 6-8.
1993-1994: Shipley's year-long Centennial celebration.
1995: Snyder Science Center and Upper School renovations completed.
1998年:完成了Avery Silverman餐厅的扩建和Riely剧院的改造. 伊丽莎白 Gwinn Field at the Farm dedicated.
2002: 20 Million Dollar Capital Campaign Completed. 山毛榉材房子开. Lower School Additions and Renovations Completed
2006-2007: Turf fields installed at the Farm and the Lower Campus.
2009-2011年Shipley开始了Shipley运动的第一阶段(成功的基础). More than $22 million was contributed, 增加600多万美元的捐赠,改善主要设施:
  • Purchase and razing of Thornbrook Manor apartment building
  • New campus entrance at Wyndon & 北梅里恩的途径
  • 88-space parking garage and physical plant facility
  • 6个网球场
  • Two (2) multi-sport regulation-size artificial turf fields
2011- 2015年,Shipley(成功基金会)运动第二阶段筹集了2500万美元的捐赠, programmatic support and Upper Campus facilities, 包括:
  • A 23,000 square-foot Shipley Commons and 艺术 Center
  • 主楼翻新,以容纳新的学习和研究中心(多媒体图书馆和研究设施)


皮普的学校, a Pre-Kindergarten through 12 coeducational day school, 致力于卓越的教育,致力于培养每个学生对学习的热爱和对世界的富有同情心的参与. 通过强大的人文和科学大学预科课程, the school encourages curiosity, 创造力, and respect for intellectual effort. Shipley upholds and promotes moral integrity, a sense of personal achievement and worth, and concern for others at school and in the larger community.
皮普的学校 is a private, 从幼儿园到12年级的男女同校的走读学校, 位于布林茅尔, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, 我们培养每个学生对学习的热爱和对慈悲参与世界的渴望.